What currency will I be charged if I'm purchasing from outside of Canada?

We’re a Canadian company that sells to select countries outside of Canada as awareness and demand for our garments have increased. However, doing business internationally can be tricky and it’s important to simplify operations whenever possible. Instead of having a different set of prices for each country we ship to it is easier to have one price.

If you are shopping on an international site, we display an approximate adjusted price based on the exchange rate (so you may see some fluctuations in this estimate). Our Canadian prices are constant, and if you prefer, you can view them by switching the flag in the top right corner to the Canadian flag. 

When you check out, the prices displayed are what you will be charged in Canadian Dollars. Please note that the amount you are charged will vary based on the exchange rate charged by your credit card provider.

You can also find a local retailer if you would like to pay in your local currency.

Shipping timelines and prices will remain fixed as communicated here

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