Does Henkaa have Convertible Dresses for children and youth?

The flexible sizing of Henkaa's dresses means that they can be adapted to smaller frames of children and youth too! The Sakura Convertible Dress, particularly the Mini length, is a great dress for children and petite youth! Fitting adult sizes 0-14, the straps of the dress can also be wrapped around a child at the chest and waist for coverage and snugness. The addition of a convertible bandeau ensures more coverage as well. 

Please note that depending on the height of your child, and where you desire the length of the dress to fall, you may also want to consider the Sakura Midi or Maxi or Iris Midi or Maxi. Our Iris Midi Convertible Dress in particular is also popular for school-aged to high school students.

Lastly, body shape will also determine how each dress length drapes on each person's body. The Details tab in the product pages provide some approximate measurements to help you gauge which length is most suitable for your child.

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