What undergarments can I wear with the Iris Convertible Dress?

As Henkaanistas ourselves, we understand the need for proper support - especially since we love dancing the night away!  A simple and easy form of support while wearing the Iris Convertible Dress is pairing it with an Infinity Bra.  Our Infinity Bra’s are a silicone or fabric based reusable stick-on bra that is seamless, strapless, and backless.  This way you’ll have the flexibility to style your dress in an infinite amount of ways!  An added bonus is that a full bra can be worn in many of the styles as well!

Another option for additional coverage is the Convertible Bandeau.  The Bandeaus come in our full array of colors and 4 sizes to fit all body types.  This handy accessory is worn alongside our ConvertiStyle™ dresses and enables Henkaanistas to wear full strapless bras for all styles without the worry of the back-strap showing up in pictures

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